Can my imam act as a divorce mediator?

Look, I mean, technically, yes. Practically, it depends on the qualifications and look, my issue right now is I feel like imams are overburdened. They're expected to be youth counselors, marital counselors, like, you know, um, youth activities coordinator, a financial advisor, like, we throw everything on the imam.

We certainly don't pay him his due, you know, mediators, good ones will charge hundreds of dollars an hour. I doubt that you imam is getting that. Um, They may not have the practical training to do so. They may not have the experience. So I would leave it on a case by case.

If the Imam has proper experience, proper training and frankly, is being fairly compensated then yes. But otherwise I would caution against that. You know, I think it's good to go to qualified people that are trained and licensed in the space.

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