Have you seen more divorce consultations at your firm leading to divorce rather than reconciliation?

Have you noticed an increase or pattern in divorce consultations at your firm that have resulted in a divorce versus reconciliation and continuing in the marriage?

No I think that the problem is that once you talk to a lawyer and once you've come into my office, you've paid the consultation fee.

You're pretty deep. And the types of things that I'm going to tell you in terms of how to prepare for a divorce, the implications of divorce on your finances and your children. It's very difficult to then go back to reconciliation. I know that sounds crazy and I really wish that people went to a counselor or to somebody else before they came to me as a lawyer.

If you come to me to help with your marriage, inshallah, as a counselor, as a friend or somebody to help a husband and wife talk, that's one thing. But if you're coming to me as a consultation to understand what your legal rights are that's gonna be very difficult to reconcile.

But that being said just the other day a divorce case was filed they decided that, you know what,

we're going to try to stay together, but let's get a post nuptial agreement. So you do see that, but I can't necessarily see that there's been an increase in that.

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