How do I protect my assets as a Muslim woman?

Islamically speaking, the woman's money is the woman's money, right?

She doesn't have to spend it on the family. The money's for herself.

But the reality is that if you get married under any law of any states in America, both parties money after the point of marriage belongs to both of them.

So theoretically all of the wife's money, all of her savings, all of her retirement account.

Same with the husbands all gets put into one pot and he gets divided.

I think that's another misconception that people think that prenuptial agreements are only for men.

And I don't understand that perspective.

What world do we live in majority of Muslim sisters are earning fantastic money, maybe more so than their husbands.

So what we're talking about here is protecting our sisters assets, making sure that men aren't getting 50 percent of their wife's money, not getting alimony payments from their wife.

So a prenuptial agreement can outline your property as a woman and make sure that in case of a divorce, that this does not get divided and does not get put into the equation of what is marital property.

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