How do we get men to understand women's intangible value to the relationship?

The sacrifices.

The appreciation is definitely lacking right from the men's perspective, not appreciating our wives and especially when you live in a capitalistic society where success is measured by how much money you have rather than your morality and the type of children that you raise.

I think that men are kind of stuck thinking that we're in some different age in some different place, but we have a new reality.

And the new reality is that men and women both work.

And if a woman decides she's not going to work, that it's not the natural state anymore.

That rather that is a sacrifice and that she is raising your children, instilling morality in your children, running your house, the biggest gift that a man can ask for and again, I'm speaking personally is coming home to a peaceful house.

That's worth more than everything on this earth is peace in the home and so that intangible value I agree with you.

It is intelligible and it's a very high value, but I think emotional intelligence is going to be really the investment that needs to be made into our men.

I believe that more scholars are talking about this factor, but inshallah, I hope that more emotional Intelligence can help men understand the value that their wife brings.

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