How much is the average mahr that you have seen and how to ask without seeming materialistic?

Naveed, what have you seen there in Chicago for muhoor

mean, I've seen $11,000, I've seen $51,000, I've seen $101. There's always a one for some reason. Um, and I think it kind of depends on what stage in the game that the guy is, right. Myself, I got married when I was 21, 22, my mahr was $3,000. Um, I know a lot of 20 year olds are kind of in that seven to 11 range, I think more established are about $21,000.

I've seen $51,000, but to me that seemed more of a show maybe than actual intention of paying. But I think, I think I'm looking at between seven and 21, 000 is what I'm seeing.

$7,000 to $21,000. I would say that's very close to what I've seen as well.

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