If I don't own any property or land or a lot of assets, I don't need a prenup, right?

I disagree.

I think that you may come into a marriage without property or without assets. However, what a prenup is really going to discuss is what happens to the assets that are being accumulated after marriage.

How are those assets that are being collected how are they going to be defined? Because if you don't define it, then you are letting your state define how those assets are going to be divided.

When it comes to the law of the land you're really having the legislature make up these laws that can change over time, right? As you're going through it, you could be in a 20 year marriage and the laws are changing at each stage of your marriage.

So a prenup is going to allow the two of you to come up with your own laws and your own rules rather than the legislature dictating how your marriage works.

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