What are some points to bring up to a prospect opposed to paying alimony?

Maybe not calling it alimony. Maybe calling it some type of mahr or some type of nafaqah might be a better way to title it.

The other thing that you have to say is what is requiring the alimony?

Is it reduction of income? Is it I'm staying at home? Is it I'm staying for the children?

That's really what the highlight has to be is that, hey if you want me to be a housewife and I'm not going to work, how am I going to advance in my career? And if I'm doing this for our marriage, then for each year that I'm a housewife you pay me $10,000, $15,000.

So it's not the law of that particular state, which would be probably much, much worse.

Like in Illinois, it's 33 percent of the husband's income minus 25 percent of the wife's income. If the husband makes more.

That's the amount that they would give an alimony.

So I think that's the argument is like look, let's agree to this upfront.

Let's make it Islamic.

And if I do x this is what I get god forbid if there's a divorce.

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