What discussions should you have with potential in laws to prevent in law issues later on?

I don't know if that discussion is with the in laws directly.

I think that discussion is primarily with your spouse.

Most of the problems are mother in law and daughter in law.

So, I think that a lot of onus goes on the man in how he manages that relationship between him, his wife, him, his mother, and the relationship between his mother and his wife.

I think that it's not very wise to let the wife and the mother in law figure it out, right? I think that it's the man's job, and maybe I'm wrong.

I think it's the husband's job, to manage that relationship in a way that man can establish harmony in the house, harmony in his life, and the wife of those that he's supposed to be taking care of.

So, I think that having a discussion with the in laws gives too much power to the in laws. Rather, I think that discussion needs to happen between husband and wife in the inner circle.

That's my two cents.

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