What if the mahr amount is changed after an agreement on paper?

So let's say for example, you agreed with your wife that you're going to pay $50, 000 dollars in mahr.

After you got married, you realize that you're basically all of your savings, all of your living is expenses, you're having trouble paying back the debt and living a dignified life.

It was probably too much to agree to in the beginning, and she realizes that. You can do something called sulh.

Sulh is a mediated agreement where you owe someone something, and you agree that in lieu of the agreement of both parties, you will reduce that amount by X amount, or it will be reduced from say $50k to $25k or whatever it may be.

So you can do a sulh agreement, and we have develop the template that can be used for that.

But yeah, it can be agreed to but it's an agreement that's post the original agreement and has to be agreed upon by both parties.

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