What is your opinion of asking someone about their sexual health?

It's important to know that Islamically someone who hides any kind of sickness, ailment, or any kind of major information that could affect their relationship, that can actually be a grounds for an annulment or a faskh by a judge or an imam.

So, Finding out this information, particularly regarding sexual health, is something that should be done beforehand, and obviously it can be a very uncomfortable conversation for both men and women.

A good strategy to employ could be sharing information about one self and being able to, offer that up first and foremost.

So for example, if someone says to a potential partner, I would like to share a criminal background check and also just basically a health screening. And that's just something I wanna be able to share with you to have some more openness.

Would that be something that you'd be comfortable doing as well?

And obviously if it was worded the opposite way and it was said, Hey, can you gimme your background check? Or can you do a health screening for me?

Obviously that can put that person maybe on the back foot and make them feel a little bit uncomfortable. But that strategy typically employed in that way where you are sharing that information first and foremost.

And obviously you want that information, you want them to be able to trust you and understand. There are no issues for you as well as then for them. We'll give you both more confidence inshaAllah and hopefully avoid any kind of major issues regarding this topic after marriage.

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