What's the right way to approach or get to know someone without falling into Haram?

I'm going to say that if you're interested in someone, then just say that I'm interested in you.

I'm not interested in anything other than marriage. Would that interest you? And what would I need to do to make that happen?

And it's from the guy's perspective and the girl's perspective.

Yeah. I mean from both right and everybody says well aren't you gonna go too far online?

Aren't you gonna do this? Aren't you gonna do that? You're both adults. It's always strange to me that people are like I was like taking advantage of over DMs, how block the person doesn't make sense. As an adult, you have to bear responsibility for your actions.

And if you're interested in somebody and you know enough about them that would say, yeah, I might want to be serious with this person, then take it to the next step of saying that to them and then asking who do you need to contact for that? Because it's very important that families know about what's going on because if they don't, it only goes down a very, very bad road.

And then you start to fall in the Haram. So, don't go close to the situations that will take you towards a Haram.

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