What should a Muslim woman consider if she marries a divorced man?

There's a few things to consider.

Number one. Obviously, does this guy have kids? How many kids? How far does the ex wife live? Are they going to be seeing each other often? What is the schedule that he has the kids?

Number two, is what trauma has the guy gone through and has he gotten over that trauma yet?

Has the impact of that divorce, has it changed anything in his personality? Has it changed anything on his worldview? And how does that worldview now relate to you?

The other thing too, is to understand what he learned from that marriage, what was the reason for the marriage breaking down again, you don't have to necessarily go into past sins and things like that, but having an understanding as to what broke down, I don't think you're ever going to find fault, or no one's going to admit fault in a divorce but usually there's two sides to a divorce.

The other thing you could do is look up the divorce papers. I know this sounds, creepy maybe, but you could actually look up all divorce papers are public records. So that's something that you can look up.

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