Women become very giving once they get money through mahr

Women become very giving once they get money through mahr, or they get money through inheritance and they want to spend it on their family and they want to buy nice things for people.

And that's great.

But if you're not doing something for yourself, you're going to resent those people later on in life.

So it's really important to say like, even the men, if you know that maybe her family likes to spend.

You say, okay, I'll give you the $10,000 that you're asking for as a mahr, but the condition is that this year I put 7,500 of that into a Roth IRA for you.

And then I'll pay you the rest over the next year. So now, I've got, you know, one payment of 7,500 and then 10 payments of $250 a month for the next year.

Now she's completed that $10,000 in a retirement account as contributions that are going to grow. That 10 grand, if you put it in, when you got married in your mid twenties, by the time you're in your forties, that could be like $80k, $90,000.

Women, you've got to think longer term and wiser about what you're doing with your money.

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